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when creating, we get to explore our humanity and to challenge the status quo of all things, embodying whatever qualities emerge to the surface.


creating is the ability to take a thought, a gesture, a fact, a sensation, or a feeling, and expand its possibilities of manifestation. 


the horizon is not a destination

dance film

choreographed, directed, and edited by isabele rosso

filmed by brendan flaherty

opening at los angeles dance film festival 2022

When the Center
Becomes the Edges

choreography and direction: isabele rosso

cinematographer: luis ribagorda

lighting design: haejin han

projection design: laia cabrera and isabelle duverger

visual art: isabelle duverger, myssi robinson, rachel therres

dancers: donterreo culp, shayla hutton, derick mckoy

work was created on nimbus dance company and was performed live at new jersey performing arts center


dance film

choreographed and directed by isabele rosso

filmed by brendan flaherty

edited by juan michael porter ii

selected on queensboro dance film festival 2020

Sandflower "Bump!"

back up dance choreography

choreographed by isabele rosso and rachel heinkel

music arstist: sandflower

song: "bump!"

sandflower bump.jpg


playing with movement and camera 

a collection of some experimental little projects

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